Konsep Pareto 80/20 ===> How Manage Our Lives

dibawah ini ada artikel yang menurut saya baik sebagai salahsatu sudut pandang yaitu, bagaimana memanage hidup untuk menjadi yang terbaik dengan cara yang terbaik yang lebih efektif dan efisien, menggunakan konsep pareto 80/20 , dengan terlebih dahulu :

===> ubah mind setnya
===> apa tujuan ideal yang ingin dicapai
===>gunakan waktu & asset pribadi dengan cerdas
===>gunakan waktu untuk mengerjakan yang paling penting (time revolution)===>maksimalkan rasa bahagia&damai
===>fokus kan pada 20% potensi&kemampuan terbaik anda
===>fokus kan pada 80/20 tujuan utama anda
===>cari jalan yang terbaik & termudah untuk mencapai 80/20 tujuan anda
===>maksimalkan usaha yang minim menghasilkan hasil yang jauh lebih besar
===>lakukan 80/20 aksi berdasarkan 80/20 tujuan & 80/20 jalan anda

lengkapnya dibaca saja ya dibawah...:)

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How to Apply 80/20 Principle into Our Lives?

1. It's all about mental mindset.

In reality, the best way to achieve more is to do less. Less is morewhen we concentrate on the few things that are truly important, notthe least of which is happiness for ourselves and our loved ones.

2. Writing down your ideal destination works wonders.

Of Yale's 1953 graduating class, only 3% set written financialgoals -similar to our 80/20 destination. Twenty years later,researchers discovered that these 3% had more money than all theother 97%.

3. Use time and money intelligently.

Make less go further. The quality and value of time soar once wecontrol them. Instead of money ruling our lives, making workstressful or miserable, we can use money to regain control of life.We can deploy energy where we're most carefree, creative, andcontent.

4. It's time for time revolution.

We have too much time, not too little. Stop worrying. Do fewerthings. Chuck your to do list, make a not to do list. Act less,think more. Reflect on what really matters to you. Stop doinganything that isn't valuable, that doesn't make you happy. The modern world has accelerated out of control. Technology was meant toadd to our free time, but it's done the opposite. Be unconventional,even eccentric. Purge your diary. Dump your cell phone. Stop goingto meetings or events that bore you. Reclaim time for yourself andthe people you care about. I admire Warren Buffett for his wildlyunconventional way with time. He runs America's biggest conglomerateempire. But does he rush around? Absolutely not. Once there,he "expects to lie on his back and paint the Sistine chapelceiling." He makes very few decisions, only the extremely importantones. By being relaxed and thoughtful, he usually gets them right.

5. Maximize your happiness times.

If 80% of your time leads to only 20% of your happiness, can you cutthose activities, freeing up time for things that make you happy?Luckily, there are always many activities that give us a poor returnon happiness for the time spent. For example, if watching televisionmakes you happy, do more of it; but otherwise, stop. Spend more timeon the things you enjoy. Try out your new projects while you arestill working at your normal job. Experiment with different ideasuntil one clicks.

6. Focus on your best 20%.

Focus is the secret of all personal power, happiness, and success.Focus makes less more. Few people focus, yet focus is easy. Focusexpands individuality, the essence of being human. Who are you? Whodo you want to become? Life's greatest mystery is human characterand uniqueness. We craft individuality. Individuality impliesdifferentiation. Becoming different requires editing, subtraction,focus. By focusing on our best, unique attributes, we become moreindividual, more human. We focus our power, our singularity, and ourability to enjoy life profoundly and uniquely.

7. Focus on your 80/20 destination.

A destination is where you want to arrive and where you want tobe. "Destination" means your goals, dreams, objectives throughoutlife -what you want to achieve. The kind of place you want to be -the people you want to be with, the kind of person you want tobecome, the experiences you want to have, the quality of your life.Where you most care about arriving -the life that suits andexpresses you.

8. Find the 80/20 route.

What's the best and easiest route to your 80/20 destination? Thereare always many possible routes to any destination. There is alwaysa route that provides an elegant and relatively easy solution, a wayto get much more of what we want for much less energy, time, money,and bother. All we have to do is to find it. By taking a littleextra time to think, you've found a much easier route that is alsofaster. Be clear, however, about your objectives before deciding theroute.

9. Draw your more-with-less chart.

Take a look at the chart below. Imagine that I am wanting a datewith Dian Sastro. What am I supposed to do? I could draw attentionto myself, maybe becoming the best actor, selling platinum album, orwinning the president election. But Dian may not notice.This is a high-effort, low-reward approach (1st quadrant). I couldspend ages trying to win over her parents or her grand mother,hoping that they'll arrange me a date. This may work, but only withextraordinary effort (2nd quadrant). I also can dream on how nicethe date would be, but do nothing. Easy but useless (3rd quadrant).Otherwise, I could simply wear a nice suit, go up of her, put on mybest genuine smile, commit her a random act of kindness, and ask fora date. It is easy and just as likely to work.

10. Apply more-with-less to our individual lives.

Using chart above, find super-returns on your energy. In everyindustry, every profession, every organization, some people aregetting ahead much faster than others, without working harder. It isalways possible to improve anything in our lives by a large amount.The way to make the improvement is to ask, "What will give me a muchbetter result for much less energy?" It's not enough to seekimprovement by means of greater effort or the same effort as today.A much better outcome must be sought alongside lower effort.

11. Take 80/20 action.

80/20 action is dictated by your unique 80/20 destination and 80/20route. 80/20 action focuses on the very few actions that are provento give you the great majority of your happiness and fulfillment:less is more. 80/20 action involves less total action and greatertotal results -more with less. It's time where we apply less is moreand more with less to five key areas of life:• your self• work and success• money• relationships• the simple, good life

12. Be "lazy" and relaxed.

There are "lazy" people, like Ronald Reagan, who achieved a greatdeal just by being focused on one or two objectives. And there aresuper-hard workers, like Jimmy Carter, who had too many objectivesand failed frenetically. A hard-working person is often too busy tospot what's really significant. A "lazy" person wants to do aslittle as possible and so concentrates only on the essentials.What's really productive is a "lazy" person who thinks new thoughtsand is focused on making them happen. Thinking is often disturbing,sometimes even frightening. For most of us, the only way to createsomething new and valuable is to slow down, do fewer things, chillout. If you really love what you're doing, you don't need to belazy. If you're doing lots of things you don't enjoy, cut them,keeping just the valuable and enjoyable things.

13. Friendship Pleasure.

Work out how much time you spend with your key friends and withother friends. You may be surprised. You're more likely to spendtime with neighbors whom you like moderately than with your bestfriends. Try to live near your best friends. In any case, see themfrequently.

14. Find someone to love.

Finding the right partner is a ticket to happiness. Love at firstsight usually doesn't work. Committing to a life partner basedlargely on performance in bed is a poor bet. True love can movemountains but romantic love may not last. To be happy over the longhaul, consider being able to get close to other people, depend onthem, and have them depend on you. If you are not secure yourself,you must select a secure partner. Choose an optimistic partner, orone willing to learn optimism. Select someone who has the same basicvalues on fundamental issues, such as honesty, money, or kindness.Focusing on the few things that matter makes all the differencebetween success and failure in relationships.

15. Maintain a happy family.

Close bonding between parent and child creates security andhappiness throughout life. Children don't understand the conceptof "quality time," they want attention all the time. The 80/20Principle is to give more care and love to fewer people, the peoplewe care most about. All time spent with one of your children is timewell spent, with an enormous payoff for the child, for the rest ofthe family, and for society. Parents need to show that they love oneanother, even when they are annoyed. The payoff is that forcing loveto win over grumpiness will make you happier too. Happy families cancope with disaster or difficult children.Last but not least, stop comparing ourselves to others. Be contentwith being happy. Be happy with what we have. Stop striving afterthings that make us restless and unhappy. Why bother? Less is more -dump the stressful and unrewarding parts of our lives.


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Terimakasih artikelnya semoga kita semua bisa memanage hidup agar lebih baik.

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